Generation 1 · The Silver Legacy

1.0: A Legacy Introduction

Rules for the Legacy Challenge can be found here. I've been wanting to write a legacy story for a while. I've tried three times now. The first two were a Sims 4 legacy, the Myreses (spelling? Whatever, the last name was Myres) and the Polaskis; the third was a Sims 3 legacy, the Dieminas. All… Continue reading 1.0: A Legacy Introduction

The Story of a Miracle

Chapter 2: Based on Real Events

Dear Himala, You were up early this morning! I think it was around 5:30 when you woke me up. You sounded hungry, so I put you in your high chair and pulled out some animal crackers for you. While you ate your breakfast, I ate mine - more of the fruitcake. I was still eating… Continue reading Chapter 2: Based on Real Events